One Step Gonorrhea Test


One Step Gonorrhea Test is a rapid direct binding test for the visual detection of gonorrhea antigen in the secretory products and urine from urinary system as an aid in the diagnosis of gonococcus infection. It is based on the principle of double sandwich immunoassay for determination of gonorrhea antigen in the secretory products and urine from urinary system. Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies were employed to specifically identify gonorrhea with high sensitivity. The sensitivity and specificity of the test is higher than present method available that involves culturing of the collected specimen. Moreover, the test result is not affected by medication that the patient is going under. Test results are read visually without any instrument.
Key Features:
Easy to use
Easy to read
Specificity: 99%
Read results within 10-20 minutes
High sensitivity
Room temperature storage
1) Specimen: swab with discharges
2) Format: strip,
3) Sensitivity: high
4) One kit includes 1 test, desiccant, reagent A&B and Swab in a foil pouch
Inner packing: 100 tests per zipper bags
Outer packing: 50 bags per carton


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