Multifunction Type Surgical Power Tools MODEL OTM-10



Multifunction Type Surgical Power Tools

  • The handpiece of Multifunction Type Surgical Power Tools is versatile design, with a comprehensive range of quick change attachments, can drive 8 kind attachments: oscillating saw, acetabulum burnishing drill, normal drill, wire and pin drill, cranial drill, cranial bur, sternum saw, reciprocating saw.
  • Ingenious technological skill, high quality, perfect ergonomic design, widely compatibility, can meet the different kinds of surgery options.
  • “ Main unit” of Multifunction Type Surgical Power Tools can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure up 145℃
  • Shift without steps, high distort moment Convenient shift without steps can offer you all rotating speed, the motor without carbon brush import from Switzerland supply strong energy, meet the all kinds request of the surgery operation.
  • Perfect technique, design for somatology Scientific balance technique, offer the precise operation, comfortable and not easily to be tired,and there is no obviously vibrating during the operation.

multi-function-medical-device-power-tools1. Multifunction designed, convenient and economical.

2. Can be used in all kinds of Joint operations: Oscillating saw function, Cannulated drill function, K wire and pin drill function, Acetabulum burnishing drill function, Flexible reamer function.

3. Autoclavable, can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure up to 145°C.

4. Brushless motor made in Switzerland, stepless speed changing, powerful, stable and low noise.

5. Big energy Ni-MH battery, quickly chargered and anti-explosion design, powerful and safety.

6. Handpiece is hard and light, comfortable to be holded for the surgeons.

7. CE and ISO approved


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  1. B***a D.

    stable working, excellent quality

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