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disposable infusion set
Material of infusion setsmedical grade PVC, with or without DEHP
Composition of Disposable infusion set1. Piercing device —– made of medical grade white ABS, with air inlet
2. Protective cap —– made of PE
3. Drip chamber —– made of soft PVC
4. Fluid Filter —– mylon net
5. Air Inlet —– cap is made of red or blue PP
6. Flow Regulator —– made of PE, NORMAL SHAPE
7. Soft tubing —– made of soft medical grade PVC, diameter 3×4mm, 150cm in length, or adjust according to requirements
8. Terminal Connector: made of PVC, luer lock or luer slip
9. The chamber with wings and air vent;
10. Luer slip connector
Specification1.Clear, transparent and flexible drip chamber
2.Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
3 Good quality low price
Material of Disposable Infusion Setmedical grade PVC, with or without DEHP
Infusion Sets ApplicationCoordinates the disposable use venous transfusion needle and injection needle in the vein drop for the human body.
PackagePolybag or Blister

The precautions of using disposable infusion set:
1. Product sterilized by Epoxy hexylene, asepsis, non-pyrogen without unusual toxicity and hemolysis response.
2. This disposable infusion set is used by the clinical, and must be damaged after use.
3. Take down protect set , insert bottle the plug puncture device drains away interior air.
4. uses the rate-of-flow controller to adjust the drop number, according to conventional infusion operation.
5. Stop use if package is punctureed or the protective cap falls off.
6. The term of validity is two years, Expired is forbid.
7. The product should store in the relative humidity not to surpass 80%, non-corrosiveness gas, cool, ventilates good, in dryly clean room.


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