External Fixator φ11 Dissection Instrument Case

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External Fixator φ11 Dissection Instrument Case

External Fixator Operation Instructions:
1. Body Position: patient in the spine position, for fracture reduction.
2. To sure the point of pin: Insert the screw through the Proximalmedial Tibial, chose the first point of pin which near fracture site 4-5cm, incision of skin, separate subcutaneous tissue, install the drilling module, put the position pin together with sleeve incision to the periosteum.
3. Drill Hole: remove the position pin, put the inside sleeve into the outside sleeve, use the stopper drill guide to drill hole, when drill bit drilling through cortical bone one side, touching another side cortical bone, determine the position of Stopper drill bit according to the thickness of the cortical bone and fixed on the drill bit and continue drilling until drill out another side or Cortical Bone.
4. Pin insert: chose the right screw size, use T-Pin insert the screw, drill out contralateral bone two threads. confirm the screw position through X·Ray image
5. Install the clamp: remove the Drilling module. install the coupling, use Rod and pin to fix, insert the second screw with the same way, and continue install the coupling, Rod, Pin.
6. Fracture site compression: if need compression. use the compression clamp coupling 2 screws, then fix the coupling.
7. Check the Coupling and Rod is firmly fixed.
8. It is best to wash the wound with saline.

External Fixator

external fixator External Fixator






T-11111-7000 Rod to Rod Coupling φ11
T-11112-7000 Pin to Rod Coupling φ11
T-11113-8000 Cross-link clamp φ11
T-11114-5613 Pin(cancellous) <l6×130
T-11114-5615 Pin(cancellous) <l6×150
T-11114-5618 Pin(cancellous) <l6×180
T-11115-5613 Pin(cortex) <l6×130
T-11116-5510 Pin(cortex) <l5×100
T-11117-8000 Connection Rod(Aluminium Alloy) <l5×150
T-11118-21115 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod <l11×150
T-11118-21120 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod <l11×200
T-11118-21128 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod <l11×280
T-11118-21130 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod <l11×300
T-11111-0000 Instrument Case (Normal Case)
T-11111-0001 Instrument Case (PPSU Case)
T-11111-0100-00 Protection Sleeve φ7
T-11111-0200-00 Compression Device φ11
T-11111-0300-00 T-Pin Inserter φ5
T-11111-0301-00 T-Pin Inserter φ6
T-11111-0400-00 Drill Bit <l3.5×200
T-11111-0401-00 Drill Bit <l4.5×200
T-11111-0500-00 Spanner Wrench (Dual-Use) 10mm

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