Supracondylar Fracture


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External Fixation (Ill Type) Advanced technologies , easy to Use
Product Feature:
Bone Screws can be positioned independently at the distal and proximal part of fracture
Snap fit fixation, improve the operation precision and reduce the operation time
Using the high performance material (Medical level aluminium and carbon fiber), definition of fracture area view is increased
With most stability and flexibility design
With compact and small size frame design
Design for the complicate Fracture and soft tissue destroyed, also for multiformity and convenience
With simple and effective instruments

The above fracture external fixation device package can be configured according to requirements.
Material selection:
Connection rod carbon rod, stainless steel, aluminium alloy. Needle clamp and rod clamp have stainless steel, aluminium alloy.

Method of use:
For Reduction of the fracture or dislocation.
1. in each of the major fracture block is screwed into the
2. bone traction pin. According to the Fracture,Soft issues conditions and local anatomy to select the entry pin position.If the bone traction pin distance more far, just bracket, the more stable.
2. each of the major fracture block 2 bone traction pin with a fixed rod connection. Can use the spring fixing type pipe needle clamp to connect. Note that in the fracture zone have sufficient length fixing Rod can contain rod connecting pipe clamp.
3. at the Fracture site with third pole and 2 pole connecting pipe clip of two rod end connection.
4. Then will connect bone traction pin support rod as the handle, for fracture reduction.. ln a radiographic image enhancement apparatus under the monitoring of reduction is confirmed, then maintaining reduction and screw down one by one tube clamp nut.
5. in order to facilitate the rest operation and reduce intraoperative X·ray irradiation:in each of the major fracture block two bone traction pin and the installation of a long rod, the rod can be used as a temporary lever, convenient rest, so as to make the operation more manipulative reduction, operating more effort, and operation the doctor’s hand can leave the X-ray radiation.
6. in the intraoperative or postoperative adjustment reset: can loose the hose clamp locking nut, according to the steps of adjusting the reduction of fracture.
* after 24 hours, need to tighten all the locking nut


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