Instrument System Kit 3.5mm/4.0mm



Instrument system-Kit Orthopedic

The metal case is aluminum. It is very good quality and very strong. It comes with a cover. The quality is excellent and the manufacturer has CE and other certificates. All screws are self tapping, hex head with standard size of the head. Packed in nice aluminum. The dimension is 15.5″ x 9.5″ x 4″ (L x W x H) and the case has 3 levels for storing the instruments. Below are list of instruments included in the Instrument System-Kit.
Drill bit 3.2 = 2
Drill bit 2.5 = 2
Neutral Loaded Drill Guide 2.5 HA3.5 = 1
HA3.5 Tap Sleeve 2.5 Drill Guide = 1
HB4.0 Tap Sleeve 3.0 Drill Guide = 1
HA3.5 Tap = 1
HB4.0 Tap = 1
Depth Gauge = 1
Hex Head Screw Driver SW2.5 = 1
Screw Holding Sleeve = 1
Plate Benders = 1
Periosteal Elevator (Round Head) = 1
Periosteal Elevator (Flat Head) = 1
Pry Bar = 1
Reduction Forceps with point = 1
Reduction Forceps = 1
Self-centering forceps = 2
Countersink Drill = 1
Case (screw rack) 3.5/4.0mm = 1

For veterinary USA only in USA


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