External Fixator φ5 Dissection Instrument Case

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External Fixator φ5 Dissection Instrument Case

Product Feature
Art technologies, easy to use
Bone screws can be positioned independently at the distal and proximal part of fracture.
External fixator, snap fit fixation.Improve the operation precision and reduce the operation time
Thanks to using the high performance material(Medial level Aluminium and carbon fiber), definition of fracture area view is increased
With most stability and flexibility design.
With compact and small size frame design
Design for the complicate fracture and soft tissue destroyed, also for multiformity and convenience.
With simple and effective instruments

T-5111-7000 4-Holes Pin to Rod Clamp φ3
T-5112-7000 Rod to Rod Coupling φ5*φ5
T-5113-7000 Pin to Rod Coupling φ5*φ3
T-5114-7000 4-holes Pin clamp φ3
T-5115-7000 Pin clamp-T φ5-T
T-5116-5580 Self-drilling &Self-tapping Pin φ3*80
T-5117-7811 Trilateral Connection Rod φ5*110
T-5117-7814 Trilateral Connection Rod φ5*140
T-5118-8801 Straight Post φ5
T-5118-8802 30°Angled Post φ5
T-5119-2812 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod φ5*120
T-5119-2815 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod φ5*150
T-5119-2818 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod φ5*180
T-5119-2820 Carbon Fiber Connection Rod φ5*200
T-5120-8800 External Fixator φ5
T-5111-0001 Instrument Case (Normal Case)
T-5111-0002 Instrument Case (PPSU Case)
T-5111-0100-00 Stabilization/Reduction wrench
T-5111-0200-00 Quick Coupling Connector 3mm
T-5111-0300-00 T-Pin Inserter 3mm
T-5111-0400-00 Protection Sleeve
T-5111-0500-00 Bow-Sharped hand drill
T-5111-0600-00 Wrench
T-5111-0700-00 Thumbwheel

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  1. nat*****nd

    one set ordered, titanium material

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